Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery

Cemetery Services

Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery offers several options to families for the cremation or final resting place of loved ones.  All services are regulated by the State of New York and are offered through licensed funeral professionals.

Burial Services

Traditional in-ground burials are available for full body burials (in a casket or casket placed in a vault) and for cremains in a container.  A price list is available through the cemetery office.  Burials are scheduled through licensed funeral professionals, in consultation with the cemetery staff, insure dignified respect will be given to the deceased and their families.

Cremation Services

A licensed crematory is operated on the grounds of the cemetery. Arrangements must be made through a licensed funeral professional who can explain the process and procedures. Cremations are scheduled through the cemetery office to meet the needs of the families as much as possible. The cemetery staff are licensed by the State of New York to perform cremations, and to insure that the remains of the deceased are handled in a dignified and caring manner throughout the process.  The cremains are returned to the funeral professional to be returned to the families for final disposition.


A community mausoleum is maintained for use by the general public for the entombment or inurnment of the deceased.  Families are encouraged to visit the mausoleum when they wish. An electronic card-key system is used to control entry and to ensure the safety of the security of the visitors.  Rest rooms are available within the building.  

Private mausoleums may be constructed on lots owned by individuals or families. Please request a meeting with the Superintendent for guidance on this option for the final resting place of loved ones.